5 Benefits of Studying Nursing at a Christian College

As a Christian intent on becoming a nurse, you have a passionate desire to relieve human suffering. You seek to express your love for God through serving others. Studying nursing at a Christian college provides unique opportunities not available at secular schools. Here are five benefits you’ll enjoy with nursing training grounded in Christian faith.

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1. You’ll obtain a high-quality education.

The nursing curriculum at a Christian college emphasizes moral values and how to apply them in the healthcare setting. The faculty provides a biblical focus of study. Additionally, staff members participate in campus activities and student life.

Educators are expected to teach by word and example. Instructors modeling Christ-like behavior will inspire you to become a spirit-filled nurse. Since Christian professors view their teaching role as a calling, they have a vested interest in seeing students succeed. It’s part of their life purpose. It’s also apparent that they love God, their students, and the subjects they teach.

By choosing an accredited Christian college, you can be confident that the institution meets the highest educational standards. Endorsed by an overseeing agency, a school must consistently demonstrate excellence in its facilities, learning resources, technology, faculty, and finances. By attending an accredited college, you have a better chance of obtaining financial assistance. Federal and state organizations typically require accreditation as a condition for receiving funds.

2. You’ll have the support of a close-knit community.

At Christian colleges, the grounds and class sizes tend to be smaller than those of secular schools. In fact, your largest local Christian university may be just one-tenth the size of a state college.

You’ll have a better opportunity to share your faith in the context of close relationships. Social connections offset the intensity of academia. They help you adapt to the challenges of meeting deadlines, taking tests, and obtaining your clinical training. Being part of a spiritual community will help you feel secure while studying nursing at a Christian college.

Participating in campus ministry offers the convenience of not having to travel elsewhere for fellowship. A ministry leader can be a mentor, helping you to manage stress. As part of a small student body, you’ll receive more personalized attention from your professors.

3. You’ll enjoy enriching, faith-based activities.

The social events at a Christian college are similar to those of a secular school, but the spiritual focus makes them more meaningful. You can gather with fellow believers for group Bible study, prayer, and religious services. In keeping with your nursing career, you may have the opportunity to visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

You’ll also have tons of healthy fun! You can still enjoy concerts, dances, performances, and nights out, while protected from negative cultural influences. You’ll be shielded from gossip, smoking, drinking, and drugs. The absence of these distractions helps you maintain academic priorities to achieve career goals.

You’ll meet other Christians from diverse backgrounds, expanding your worldviews. Many students find their future mate at a Christian college.

4. Your Christian values will be strengthened.

Attending a secular college can weaken your spiritual principles. You may feel inhibited about praying in public, speaking of God, and engaging in religious practices. Unable to freely express your faith, it can wane.

Conversely, at a Christian school, the solidarity you share with other students fortifies your inner life. You won’t have to explain your priorities and choices. It’s easier at a Christian college to remain mindful of God while studying. You’ll have many role models to keep you spiritually anchored. Secular ideas won’t creep into your lectures and lifestyle.

5. You’ll have an advantage when seeking employment.

During an interview of college presidents by Christian College Guide, a panel member recounted a meeting with successful businessmen. Dr. Eckman of Grace University had asked the group, “What qualities do you look for when recruiting a college graduate?”

Good interpersonal skills topped the list. At a Christian school, you’ll learn how to interact well with others as part of a team. This aptitude is vital for nurses when collaborating with other members of the medical profession.

A strong work ethic is another trait employers seek. You’ll acquire this habit through your course of study by developing responsibility, discipline, and integrity. A commitment to quality will distinguish you from other job candidates.

Healthcare employers also favor graduates of accredited nursing programs. Such curricula emphasize teaching the advanced thinking skills and patient safety practices required of nurses.

Christ Calling

A rewarding profession awaits you! A Christ-centered nursing program cultivates the sensitivity and compassion required to serve patients. It also provides the medical knowledge, clinical skills, and spiritual strength you’ll need to be a proficient nurse.

As a believer, you’re gifted by God to radiate joy and provide comfort to others. This hurting world sorely needs you! Studying nursing at a Christian college prepares you to care for the ill with Christ-like love.

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