Are Christian Colleges Only Focused on Undergraduate Education?

Are Christian Colleges Only Focused on Undergraduate Education

There are nearly 600 Christian colleges in the United States, varying in size from huge to tiny. Most of these schools focus on undergraduate education, however, many of them also offer graduate degree programs. It is just a matter of finding the appropriate college and program in which to continue your studies. Students looking for a Christian college are not just seeking programs of learning, they are also seeking a Christian environment in which they can maintain and strengthen their beliefs and make lifetime friendships.

Large versus Small Christian Colleges

A list of the largest Christian colleges reveals some very well know colleges and universities, as well as some lesser-known schools. All of these offer undergraduate programs; most of them offer graduate programs. Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia leads the list with over 72,000 students, followed by Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah campus with over 34,000 students. Since both of these schools offer distance learning, a sizable portion of these numbers are probably composed of online students. Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, De Paul University and Loyola University in Chicago, and St. Leo University in Florida are large schools. These large universities will all offer graduate programs.

Many of the smaller colleges, including tiny St. John Vianney College Seminary with only 62 students, offer specialized language training or training for health-related professions. In the middle of the list by size are many seminary schools, Bible colleges, and schools of nursing where you could follow your interests to the masters degree level or the Doctor of Philosophy degree level.

Graduate Degree Programs at Selected Christian Colleges

At the Christian College, you can search for schools by major, undergraduate or graduate. When you click on “Major,” a drop-down list of possible majors appears. When you select a major that looks interesting to you and click on it, it may or may not reveal graduate programs in your topic of interest. If it returns “zero matches,” try another topic. When you find a topic of study with several listings, the site will allow you to compare the programs at the different schools. The website, Christian College, lets you search for colleges by size, location, denomination, and racial enrollment. Once you have located a college that meets your requirements, go directly to their site and check for graduate programs. For example, if you type “Duke University Graduate Programs” into Google and press search, it will take you to the Duke University Graduate School site, and you can check to see what type of programs they offer. Duke University offers graduate degrees in 80 different areas of interest!


Many Christian colleges offer graduate programs, but the number of programs offered at each school will vary and is largely correlated with the size of the school. The smaller colleges may only offer career training, the intermediate-sized schools may offer a moderate selection of graduate areas of study, and your choice of majors at the large Christian universities is almost unlimited.

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